Monster Portal (now on App Store and Google Play!)


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Hello, I just published a game in the Google Play Store, It's my first published game, but I have more games that I'm already working on.

Monster Portal

It's a paid game, but I'm considering a free version in the future.



Free Android version!

Free iOS version with Game Center support!

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Congrats on the release. How long did the game take to develop?

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Oh, thanks Jon! This game took about 2 months, it's a simple game, and I still want to add some features that I will add in a later update!


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When I try to download your game, there is this message (cf screenshot).
My iPad version is 6.0


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Hi LePoulpe

I set iOS 4.3 as my build target, but the last device I was testing was a 6.1 device so it probably changed my build target to 6.1 and I forgot to check, so it's was release as 6.1 only, I just noticed that when it was already at the App Store, will see if I can change that in a future update.

Thank you for your feedback!


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Updated to work with iOS 4.3 and above instead of 6.1.