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...but it is not very user friendly, do you have any suggestions?
What makes you say this?

I was thinking the same thing.  Well... I got as far as "What?!"
Michael Garofalo – Author of The Interactive Stencyl Textbook 8)


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Where are you from? Fond du Lac, WI
What school or institution do you work for? Marian University
What do you teach? History and Sociology
How did you find out about us? I was looking for software that I could use to develop video games.  I am a bit disappointed that I can't find help in developing quiz type video games.  I saw a video from SunriseKingdom which explains this, but I couldn't understand the audio.  Does anyone know where I can find some help?


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Where are you from?
- Originally Atlanta, now residing in San Francisco

What school or institution do you work for?
- I work for Ubisoft as a Senior Game Designer.  I volunteer teaching each summer for Innneract Project (  This year I'm expanding the curriculum from a single-day, 4 hour session ("Learning Labs") to a four day, 4 hours/day program ("Video Game Academy").

What do you teach?
- Intro to Video Game Development for teens (middle school and high school)

How did you find out about us?
- I dabble with most game engines and came across you during a web search.

If applicable, tell us a bit about how you've used Stencyl in the classroom.
- This is my first year using Stencyl.  I've previously used GameMaker, Unity, and Kodu. 

I've been enjoying working with Stencyl so far and can't wait to test drive my curriculum (class starts on July 18th).  I'm very open to networking and information sharing.  You can see some of my collected info on learning game development on my website at

Best wishes!