Repeat custom event[Solved]


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Hmm, idk why I have a hard time repeating a custom event. The enemy AI works just fine If I have it in updated. But I am working on learning how to use custom event. Make sense that it will make  the game run better.

When the enemy spotted me(If I am 300pixel away from it), then the custom event triggers. But even if I am still 300pixel away from it, it only shoot me once. How can I repeat the custom event to keep on shooting?

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You might have to trigger it in the always block

     if distance <= 300.     
          Trigger shot event

their might be a better way but this is what I would try.


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I figured it. It was something wrong with the cooldown in the custom event. ^^ Thx for answer :) Made me take an extra look at the behavior :D

- Tobben