SOLVED Help needed with planning out Save& Load Game Behaviors


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Hi, I'm having some problems utilizing the Save/Load game blocks so I'm going to fully plan out how I want to save/load in my game before I make any more awful attempts.

- how do I keep track of what scene the character is in using game attributes?
- how do I keep track of what enemies have been killed using game attributes?

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I use a GA such as numStage. Whenever a scene starts, set numStage to a number. Generally you'd want to name your scene with incrementing numbers so that you can use those numbers in the GA.

For the second one, I would use a list where each index represents a stage. Inside the list will be another list that holds true/false in each index where each index represents a specific enemy.

Both situations can be done in different ways especially the second one as it will get more complicated when what you want is more complex.


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how do I keep track of what enemies have been killed using game attributes?

If you mean for example what level bosses have been killed, you could have a Game Attribute that holds the last boss to be killed eg "3" if the player has cleared the first 3 stages.

What sort of game is it and what do you want to do exactly? If you want to log every single enemy the player has ever killed that would be hard work, and I cant think of a good reason you'd want to do that.
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gruffman: it's not uncommon to have achievements that track total kills or other "lifetime" stats.
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