Attaching Actor to Actor


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I finally managed to create such a behaviour! After all, its quite simple. Because none of the behaviours i downloaded from stencylforge did actually attach an actor to another actor, i had to create one myself.
in this behaviour you can also specify the position where the actor should be attached


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Sounds awesome! Would you be willing to share it with the community?


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Yeah I'd be interested in seeing it. Is it up on StencylForge?

Stencyl Ninja

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Is it something like Always set x,y position of Actor1 to Actor2?
Or is there some kewl stuff with which to play around?
I'm interested to see it too. :)

Edit: Seen it. It's on the Forge under the name of Positioner.
        Haven't tested it but looks like it should work and is good idea.
        It uses global values though; is that good or bad?
        Seems like it could be nice to easily change position of one actor in relation to another
         for something like a weapon or it may even be useful to create a grappling hook with
         a ton of modification or rather addition of extra code.

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