How'd you get your name?


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'Do The Monkey Doodledo(o?)' is a song and dance number in the Marx Brothers' film 'The Cocoanuts'. Maybe it should have two 'o's on the end but that would take longer to type.


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Ah, the Marx Brothers are classic. +1 to you sir.
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It's my real life name without the vowels in the surname.


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It is made from two parts...
Dragoon (the bit-beast from BeyBlade) and HP (short for Harry Potter)... ^.^


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haha nice thread. my name has its roots in one episode of futurama, where they try to decode the letter from leelas parents. Where they say: "This letter is written in alienspeak, noone can decode it, not even Brainzilla" (but they are basically in the future with millions of aliens around them), hirnzilla is brainzilla in german, but it gets even better with the l33tne3ss :)!


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I wasn't born in 1947. lol. That refference is to the roswell U.F.O. crash story.