Music looping too soon


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Hello everyone! How are you doing?

I just finished my first game and submitted it to one game a month challenge. Everything was working fine on playtests, but when it run using a web browser, the problem started. Instead of the music being fully played before looping, it only played for about 25% of it's total lenght and then started looping again prematurely.

I'm using a custom behavior for playing music that is based on the one that comes with Stencyl. Because the levels are pretty short, I made the music start to play when the player selects the level, instead of when the level is created.

M game have 3 different musics: one for the level select menu, one for the normal levels, and one for the secret level. Only the first one is working fine, and the bug doesn't appear when playing the game directly on the Flash Player, only when it is played on a browser.

Anyone would suggest any workaround?

Link for the game: