I Like Toast (Demo Available!)


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Thank you, I appreciate it.

Right now I'm having a little issue with the ammo pack. I have the gun firing behavior on as well, but I don't know how to get rid of the unlimited ammo. If anyone could help me, that'd be awesome.

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Double posting because I have another problem. I can't change any of the animations now for some reason, and I don't know where to put the code for the gun shooting animation. If someone could help, I'd appreciate it. Thanks


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Well, about unlimited ammo: do you have ammo variable? If you do, then do something like that:

Code: [Select]
//when this shoots; it can be actually done in "when this hears [shoot]" block
set actor value [ammo] to [[get actor value [ammo] as number] - 1]
It's not actual code, but it shows the blocks you should use. Set/get actor value are to be found in Actor >> Properties, and difference in Numbers & Text >> Arithmetics.


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Oh I forgot I posted that... Yes, I was able to fix it, thank you though!

Edit: For some reason, nothing in my first scene can change, only the second. The physics are the same, but scene two is clearly faster and plays my new animations. Could anyone please explain why this is like that?

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I can't explain any problems, but I have another Idea for you to consider (I haven't downloaded the game yet so I can't help anyone).

What if you could put more than toast in the toaster? So like different types of ammo?

Like putting a bagel in the toaster: Very heavy and powerful, but only one shot.

Or a waffle: Fast but doesn't do much damage.

I know that the game is called "I like Toast" but why not? :D
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Interesting concept, but I'm going to limit it to toast for a few reasons, mainly because I want to keep the game fairly simple and because I'm pretty bad at coding...

Anyway I fixed all of my problems, but I can't get this charged shot to work. Can anyone help?


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The code seems plausible... just that it looks like you need to code something that confirms your shot is all charged up.
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I figured the yellow tint would have been the indication, but unfortunately, it doesn't go away...

In other news, I have no idea what this is!

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Ah! I got that error when I killed an object and then tried to reference it later on.


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It has something to do with my timed invincibility script.

Anyway, with a ton of help from Greg, I managed to get the Charged Shot up and running. It fires out a piece of burnt toast that doubled the speed and doubled the damage from the normal piece!


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For some reason the bullet doesn't disappear anymore. I didn't even change anything. I am getting aggravated, so if someone could help me a out, that'd be great.

Edit: Nevermind, I think I got it.

First post updated if anyone actually cares.

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Ohh this game sounds so damn fun I wanna play it so bad please release a small demo plox.


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I plan on it, but since I have isometric sprites, it looks awkward on the preset tilesets. I want some custom tiles before it makes it's debut.


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Eh, didn't finish the tiles so I'm using the preset ones.

Tell me what you think.


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*Gone for 10 days and sees no comments*

Eh, but on a serious note, I'm coming back to update this thing.