Best Stencyl solution for promotional Flash game


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Hi all,

I'm an old time flash game maker and now I'm turning into Stencyl as a real chance to simplify my gaming creation processes. I want to make a Flash game, embeddable, it will be simple but with lots of graphics/sound load (to make it funnier), and I'd like to know what can Stencyl do for me in this scenario :)

Which version of Stencyl will suit my (embeddable flash game) needs?
Is there a lot of branding on the final build?
Can I set a link to my website on the game?

Some gaming portals don't accept more than one link in the game so maybe adding a Stencyl brand wouldn't be so nice in terms of promotion, is there a way to remove it/minimize it?

Other than this, now I need to create a game I feel that Stencyl can do a lot for me. Any help and suggestions are welcome. Thanks!


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When using Stencyl for free, any Flash games you export will have either a short Stencyl splash screen or a Stencyl badge in the corner of the preloader, both of which will link to Stencyl when clicked However, you can remove the need to attribute Stencyl with a subscription to Stencyl Pro. When you have Stencyl Pro, Flash games you export won't have the preloader or the badge.

Though Free or Pro, you own your game and are allowed to link to your website from it.

Hope that clears things up.


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Thanks a lot for the info.

Now in this scenario, has anybody had problems when distributing a free-Stencyl Flash game (with link to Stencyl and a sponsor) or are they adopted by portal owners softly and sweet? For instance: Armor Games, Fupa, and other portals of the like. Provided that my game won't have advertising like MochiAds or other similar ad networks.

Experience on this topic would be highly appreciated.  :D


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Depends on the sponsor. Some sponsors require that you embed a preloader that they provide, which requires a Pro subscription. If you just want to post to Newgrounds or something, you can get by with the free version.


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Stencyl games are welcome the world over on game portals of all types. Sponsors are happy to do so and there are a variety of ways to place ads etc. it really is that good :)
Buy the pro version to remove the stencyl loading plug, or better still, sell a game or two and use the proceeds to buy the pro version!
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Is there a lot of branding on the final build?

I'm using Stencyl 2.X.

Example with Stencyl Branding...

Example without Stencyl Branding...

Neither game is complete, but the latter example shows that Stencyl is completely hidden. As mentioned in this thread...,20617.0.html seems that the Flash version is without tracking too. So basically, Stencyl is great. I'm not sure what's up with Stencyl 3.0 though. I'm not sure what the tracking/splash screen options are like there. Last I checked, 3.0 was in private beta, so I'm using Stencyl 2.X right now.
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