Any 3D artists here?


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I'm working on a fairly ambitious Metroid-style game called Ghost Song. For some info/screens on the game, check my Ghost Song thread.,19219.0.html

I'm pretty experienced with 2D art, having done a lot of illustration and comic book illustration in the past, but I don't have knowledge of 3D software yet.

I'm interested in having a slight bit of 3D work for the game. Currently, I'm talking about graphics for the various "pickups" in the game. Ammo pickup, health pickup, that kind of thing. The goal is to have a small object that is rotating. I'd also be open to considering other things, but right now the only specific plans are for pickups/power ups.

I'd want the graphics delivered as PNGs. (frames) Then I could construct a sprite sheet and do further editing in photoshop to make them look however seems best.

I don't know that I can pay anything up front, but if/when the game ends up making any money, I'll be sure to compensate you fairly for your contribution. And you'll also be mentioned in the game's credits.

I'm putting a lot of time and effort into this game, and my audio/music guy is outstanding. Your work will be in good company.

If you are interested, please PM me here and include links to any examples of your work that you might have and I'll determine if I think you're a fit or not.


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HEY pete  maybe i can help you the game i am making is 2d/3d im pretty good at 3d modeling and if you have not found anyone yet maybe we can work out a deal. i suck at programming if you are pretty good with coding i will gladly trade some 3d models if you are willing to do some coding for me nothing major. im still trying to wrap my head around stencyl