Greek Inspired Statues


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Heavy work in progress! For Odeka, I need a break from Momotaro.. Theres supposed to be about 3 more. Its not completely clear here, but the each statue is a fallen God/Goddess that each represents a Sin (Different from the real 7 deadly sins) within the game. The male is Betrayal and the female is Ignorance. The rest are Pride, Wrath, Lust.

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 Like them!

One thought - and you're the artist so feel free to ignore me - but I always thought it interesting that "Lust" tends to be represented by a depiction that is designed to induce the thoughts (sexy female, typically). On the other hand, other sins are depicted with images of the consequences (such as Gluttony being a fat guy).

Anyway, it'll be cool to see the rest!
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Its funny that you bring that up actually. The statues represent those who committed the original sins, the Gods themselves. Lust, which is the most important one story wise, is represented by and elderly man. It makes sense in the game, believe me hehe.


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Nice stuff man, as always. I dig the colors and pose.


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Nice work, but the last second one kinda looks like the Statue of Liberty lol


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Liek...maybe thicker outlines? I dunno. I fear the current one will blur out when in a background of similar color...but feel free to ignore, I'm not so much of an artist.

Except for that, it's freaking awesome. Can't wait to see the rest.


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Forgot about this! Thank you very much guys. The outline is just a remainder of the sketchwork, it wont be in the final design because the background will be very dark.