Emoti-Hop (iOS App Store) (Free)


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Here is a game that I started developing when I first started using Stencyl, then remade with Stencyl 3.0 to make it significantly better. Thanks again to the Stencyl developers of this great tool!

Link to App Store

You play as Emoti, a rolling emoticon. Your goal is to jump through as many walls as possible in the given amount of time. You control how fast Emoti rolls by tilting your device. The more you tilt, the steeper you make the hill. As you are controlling Emoti's speed, you must also tap the screen to make him jump through the openings in the walls. If you hit a wall, it is game over.

We have also given you the ability to customize your own Emoti and use it during the game. There are 9 different emotions and 11 different colors as of this version. We will add more as we release updates.

There are three different time modes you can play on (30 Second Sprint, Minute Mode, and 5 Minute Mayhem). All are hooked to their own Game Center scoreboard.

The game is free to play with an in-app purchase to unlock more features.

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