Real Jumper


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Did some thinking and decided that there is no harm in trying, right?
Here's the link.

Repeating some stuff I wrote at the announce your game thread.
The game is just an expanded version of the Run and Gun From StencylForge.

The game follows a life system similar to megaman where the number of lives you have is the number of times you can redo a scene. If the number of lives reaches 0, you will need to restart the stage again.  (I might delete the life system if many people don't like it.)

The game has a total of 6 stages.(excluding tutorial) Each stage has 5 scenes mainly made up of 2 empty rooms and the other 3 filled with obstacles and monsters. At the end of each stage, there is a boss battle. The final stage has 2 more scenes.

There is a boss rally mode if you complete the game which is a time attack where you fight against all the game bosses in a single run. However, it is not fully complete as i think that there are a few technical errors with it.

Just wondering, is my game qualified to participate in the Stencyl Jam?
Since most of the art is from StencylForge and that it is based on the original Run and Gun.