Treehouse Guardians


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UPDATE** APRIL 30th pt3 Final Update!

There's only so much one man can do. I manage to throw in some audio from previous projects and some original ones. Initially, I had someone giving me a hand with the audio stuff but had cancel due to conflict. In the future she'll be taking over these place holder audio!

Here's my submission for the 2013 stencyl! I am very happy with it!

UPDATE** APRIL 30th pt2

Here's what the FINAL game with NO AUDIO. I'm close to wrapping up the audio part and will have my very very last update afterwards! Apart from the audio, the game is complete!

The game is very friendly. For the sake of the jam, the upgrades are fairly easy to get to(easy to earn). But here are what the game features

-20 Waves
-4 Levels
-4 boss fights
-Plenty of other unlockables!

Here's a fun fact. Defeating special enemies or bosses will reward you with a handful of coins and will recover your health! (for those who struggle to get through the game)

New screenshots at the bottom!


Got some update on the game. Before the jam ends I'll post up another update(Perhaps the last) Here's what's new.

-New Levels
-Ability fixes
-Better boss behaviours
-Updated menus

Note*If you choose to save or reset the game, the 'select' 'unlockables' wont be affected. I've yet to fix that up

A few things that are missing still; audio, walk cycle for the unlockable character, enemies and cutscenes. I am doing all that I can to add more to what already is a more or less complete game.

It's been a blast using stencyl and participating on this jam. I regret that I didn't announce the game sooner for it has been fun watching it grow up to what its become!

I might upload the first build sometime later today and some art.

Feedbacks are much appreciated. Good luck to all!


Hello everybody!

I am new to this forum and I am submitting the first game I've created with stencyl for the jam.
There's not much to it. All you have to do is protect your treehouse from the oncoming enemy aircraft.

To move you have to press "A" to move left and "D" to move right.
You use the mouse to point and shoot.

I will be posting up a build sometime today! For now, I'll post up some artwork I have made for the game.

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First build is up!
The game as a whole is almost complete
All that are left are replacing some placeholder art (Which might make the game confusing)
Another things to note out is that none of the boss fights work (bossfight happens every 5 levels
I will be putting different enemy variety by tomorrow

But with all that said, here's my entry for now!

Edit: I was wondering if there are any devs kind enough to help me through the process of getting games sponsored who have had experience doing so. I'm a little unclear with how to approach it.

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Fantastic graphics! , it may be a little too early to give you any other feedback. Head over to and read the info available there about getting your game sponsored. Best of luck.


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Yeah. sign up to Fgl, read a little on how it all works.

Basically it goes something like this:

Sign up to Fgl.
Upload your game to your account and set up all its details and info. (Dont submit it for review yet).
Open it up for all devs to see - doing this you could get lots of useful advice and feedback.
Once your totally happy that its complete, then you submit it for review - but make sure you are totally
happy with that as admin dont particularly like re-reviewing or changing scores if they can help it (without very good reason).
Then go through the bidding process.
Then try going around contacting sites outside of fgl while its up for bidding, linking them to the game on fgl (as you arent allowed to pm sponsors directly on fgl).

Theres lots lots more to it than that really, which is just a very quick rundown. Have a  read through the Fgl faq's as theres lots of info in there, and read around stencyl forum here too as theres alot of useful info that gets posted from devs that have had stuff sponsored (or previously asked questions about fgl). If you have any more specific questions just ask as someone will always answer.

Nice art in the game ,but I agree it does need more things doing with it, including the things  you mention. Good luck with  getting it complete anyhow. :)


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New build up!

To the two people that posted up top, thank you for the insightful tip! I'm aware with fgl, but upon visiting the site, (and other sites) it was a little unclear with what the exact methods are. I'll definitely follow the steps provided asap and keep everyone posted.

Thank you for your kind words! I'm doing my best to complete the game before the jam ends.

Just to inform everyone with what the updates are, the market and the boss fights are fully functional. Asides from a few tiny tweaks here and there, I just need to add audio and cutscene(if i have time) Another thing note mentioning is that I might not add anymore enemies/enemy lifebar. I've attempted to do so only to find myself in a bit of a mess.

I'll post another update by tomorrow!


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updated screenshots!


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I also strongly recommended getting this up on FGL - spoogob has quite a bit of experience doing this in recent times. The game looks beautiful, that's for sure.


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Thank you Jon. And I definitely will as soon as I optimize the entire game into a smaller size. Right now I'm just trying to figure out why this game is 12mb though this probably isn't the appropriate place to discuss that.

Had a blast jamming! There's a couple of entries here that I can't stop playing whenever I visit the page.