Earth Defense - Active Time Battle Spaceship RPG


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Earth Defense is a Space Shooter RPG style game. Fight off enemies in Active Time RPG battles using several different commands.

Battle Controls:

Z. Select Stuff.
X. Go Back.
Arrow Keys: Choose Selection.
Spacebar: Open the Pause Menu.




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At first, I really didn't have much clue what I was doing. The game doesn't explain itself very well...

Then stuff was happening way too fast for me to really catch on. I had to turn down the game speed...

After all that, its a pretty nifty concept in my opinion. Once you slow it down and begin to understand the different nuances you've thrown into it, you can enjoy the strategy you've got going. It certainly is a unique battle system! Got some trippy music going there too.

One note though: why does going to the help screen or stat screen send me back to the title screen even if I'm in the middle of a battle or story mode? That was quite annoying.
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Thanks a lot for the feedback and compliments. I was going for a Rock-Paper-Scissors style RPG battle system.

Though you're kind of just thrown out there without a tutorial, so it's pretty hard at the start. I assumed a new player would read the Game help and go on from there.

As for the menu thing, all the pause options send you out of the game. You're just being sent to different spots.  Options and other stuff are set at the beginning of every battle and can't be changed mid-game. I probably should of put a tutorial somewhere and explained everything.

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