SPACE ROAST (Google Play)


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Space Roast is a touchscreen arcade game about rocks in space. Roast and smash rocks to keep yourself alive.

Space Roast uses simple controls - just swipe in any direction to thrust in that direction - but there is a lot to learn. Fly around, and touch your flame to rocks in order to roast them. Get high scores! Unlock new ships!

There are tons of ways to play the game! Discover new techniques and strategies. Overcome challenges with cunning and skill. Blow up your rivals, or lend them a hand!

Some features:
3 unlockable ships.
AI that pilots ships similar to (or the same as) the player!
Infinite difficulty scaling! The game will always provide challenge!
High score tracking (no leaderboards yet, sorry!)

Google Play :

I'll also be putting this game up onto the iOS app store at some point in the near future!

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