Get Off My Land

Hey this is our entry, 'Get Off My Land', for the StencylJam 2013. We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed making it. A massive special thanks to 'dtrungle' for all his hard work on the game.

A U.F.O invasion has begun over a small dairy farm. For decades, Cattle have been subject to alien abduction and probing but one cow is ready to fight back! Become a ruthless cow, fighting to survive. Aim your Udders to the Sky and blast away waves of Alien spacecraft.
Get them off this planet... Get them Off your land!

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Very enjoyable and jolly good fun. Love the concept :) It did go from `easy` to `impossible` a bit suddenly though, i got to a point where my cow couldn't fire fast enough to destroy the missiles let alone do any damage to the craft ! Great work though and the presentation and feel are first class.
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 :) Thanks very much glad you enjoyed the game, makes it all worth while. We would have liked to have done some more testing and balancing before release but the Stencyljam deadline caught up with us.