Full Game Listing - All 88 Entries


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When will you announce the winners?


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It's going to between 1-2 weeks because of the high number of entries. Some of the potential winners are highly substantial and will take time to go through enough to get a good impression of them.


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Hey Jon, is it possible to change the icon of my game on that list? I've attached the new icon if this is possible - thanks :D

Game name: Frank 'n' Slime

EDIT: Ah I see your post on the sticky, but changing the images on my thread didn't change the icon :(

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i tried uploading new image for the icon , and now its broken :(
url to image is

game name : team contravention


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I'm going to back off on what I previously said and say don't reupload a forum attachment.

If it's a forum attachment that's reuploaded, it breaks it, and it's not really in my best interest to continually re-check the page for broken images.

I've fixed yours, though.