Will Stencyl 3.0 be ever launched? Is Stencyl good for more advanced projects?


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I'm using Stencyl for over a year and I'm payed subscriber for almost a year now. I need to say that I was very positive and optimistic when first saw Stencil and casually played with it. Unfortunately, I was disappointed right after I have bought subscription and start to do more advanced projects. Stencyl 2 can't handle actor collisions right (fault of Box2D). My game was hanging almost every time with three actors simultaneous collision. Game was also using a lot of memory. Having game with a lot of collisions make it unplayable.

I was so much excited with Stencyl 3 beta that I have switched to it right away. It was better in almost every aspect - simple collision, Android support, better mobile testing/publishing, more iOS screens support, etc. but just before publishing my game I have faced iOS sound issue (well known - overlapping music and can't stop sound). I think this is one of the reasons why 3.0 is still in the Beta phase. It was announced that 3.0 will be launched in December but six months later it's still in Beta. Besides, I'm loosing faith to see 3.0 as a finished and fully functional product. Jon's activity on bug fixing changelog thread is not what it used to be. He is also not getting in to discussion about sound bug as he said this is external (NME) and he has no impact on it. Looks like NME community is not really concerned with Stencyl…

Stencyl has/had very good potential but without fixing essential features like collisions or sound it is not capable to support more advanced projects and let monetize from games built with it. Now I'm stuck with ready to publish game, which I cannot publish because of sound problem, and can't count on any help. Do not know when or even if that problem will be fixed. My license is finishing soon. 

Is it worth to buy another year of subscription and is it worth to make another game with Stencyl? Make games with no sound?

To be fair, Flash is working just fine. All my problems are with iOS and Android.


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I'm also curious about when 3.0 will be released. I've had a lot of compiling problems with 2 and I was hoping they will get fixed in the new version. Also android publishing will be awesome :D
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Really depends on your situation. I've only tested with Android and Flash and both are working well. Although there are sound issues for Android, I have worked around it and it's fine to me. Since I am using 3.0 and if my subscription were to end, I would subscribe again.


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I wish Stencyl peeps would at least give a little more information on an estimated release date for 3.0.  Not just "Spring or Summer 2013".  In fact, my 13-yr-old son is wanting to try his hand at game design/development for the first time.  But not until he can use 3.0 to support iPhone 5 resolution.  Since he's brand new to game development, I'd hate for him to use 2.x and then struggle to move/upgrade to 3.0 when it comes out.  Of course, I know we can buy a subscription now to get access to 3.0 beta ... but we don't have the money to do that.  Grrr.


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3.0 is not stable enough to provide a specific day of release.


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Since he's brand new to game development, I'd hate for him to use 2.x and then struggle to move/upgrade to 3.0 when it comes out.
First, if you're going to develop for iOS you're going to need a subscription anyway. Second, there's nothing changing in a major way about developing for 3.0. The work that's being done is almost entirely in the back end - to make it completely transparent to the users that anything is different. Let him start learning Stencyl in 2.2 right now and he'll have a head start on understanding it when 3.0 is released and you're in a position to afford a subscription to get iOS publishing.
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I just want to set the record straight on what's going on since I recently got an e-mail from another subscriber on similar issues.

I want to make clear that although Stencyl is a solo proprietorship on the books, I'm not the sole developer, and it's not really a viable long term arrangement to keep it that way. If I got hit by a bus, that would be the end of Stencyl. I've been working to change that.

Mike has largely been covering for me in the past few months, has just picked up a Mac and is now able do things that I was previously only able to do. After 3.0, we'll be open sourcing the engine and refocusing on the toolset from 3.x and forward.

Over the past few months, I've blitzed over everything but engine development.

- As most of you know by now, the site got a facelift in key areas (front page, tour). This bumped our traffic/conversion after it happened by a sizable amount.
- Stencylpedia's been fully updated for 3.0. Dozens of new articles.
- The crowdsourced translation app solved our failed effort to solicit translations and has been a success so far.
- We were wasting a lot of time dealing with user/customer requests. I've done backend work to automate or greatly simplify this.
- Along with Joe, I've largely completed a brand new subsite aimed at teachers/schools and put together an educator's kit for in-class use. Both things that were strongly lobbied for.

Why I had to do this is a personal matter I can't mention in public, but it happened, and I channeled my focus towards things I was able to do. These things aren't as interesting to you as engine development, but they are required things for 3.0 nonetheless and had to be done, and it provided an opportunity for others to step up. After 3.0 goes out, more changes will take place, so that the broader community can enjoy Stencyl and contribute to it in the years to come.

3.0 will arrive when we clear out a shortlist of must-fix bugs which the OP has already touched on. We're not going to wait for every last bug to be fixed and think that debuting a public beta and getting the open source effort up to speed will lead to more rapid and consistent improvements than we can achieve alone.

We don't give out release dates, because they always get broken and lead to disappointment. When we're absolutely sure we're ready, we'll give a date. All I'll say is that after 3.0, we are switching over to a continuous release model where we simply auto-drop a snapshot of the current build on a regular basis, so going forward, that should put an end to any kind of estimations or "when's it coming?" sort of questions.


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Thanks for the update Jon, I know you're under a lot of pressure with this project. A lot of people, especially the younger audience, don't really understand how much work is required and that set backs/hold ups will occur.

Everyone is looking forward to 3.0 and the future.

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Jon, thanks for the update! Glad to see Stencyl is alive and well.

I'm glad you haven't given out any type of release date, and awesome stuff regarding open sourcing the engine.


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Yes, I'm going to provide more details about the open sourcing in the customer forums and get some feedback on it. I've open sourced some stuff in the past, but never anything with this kind of adoption or scale.


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Once Stencyl goes open source, will the subscription system still be the same?


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It's just the engine going open source. The toolset still remains closed, so there's no need to alter the business model.