How to draw the points like this video?


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How do the scene after level drawing points equal a wheel, like in this video of the angry birds?


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i didn't see a points wheel; what time mark on the video?
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Are you saying you want the score to count up really fast?


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What I mean is this: when arrives on the scene to show your score and options to repeat the scene or move to the next, the score is counted a few seconds until you get the score you did. It is not displayed at once. So how does that she be told that?


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Make two more attributes.
show score and add to show score
in the create block
Set add to show score to score / any number(the smaller the number the faster it will go)
in the update
if show score =< score.   
   set show score to show score + add to show score

Sorry if its a mess. Posting from my phone.