Question: What are 3 games every beginner should attempt making? Why?


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Hey Stencylers, regarding the above question, I need  your opinion and advice as I'm preparing for an upcoming live workshop at the university where I teach. It is aimed at the absolute beginner with zero experience in game development and no experience using Stencyl. So far I already have 3 games planned for it:

1) Item drop game where the player moves left +right collecting falling items
2) Asteroids clone
3) Jetpack joyride clone a.k.a. endless running game

The workshop is planned to run for 4 months with 2 hour weekly sessions and there will be approximately 32 hours of lectures total. Thanks in advance :-)



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I agree that a drop n' catch game is a good idea - they are very easy to implement. I used to teach 10/11 year-olds to create one in about 30 minutes (not with Stencyl, but I have built this type of game with Stencyl, and it's a nice and easy starter).

Other suggestions:

Pelmanism (Concentration)
Match 3
Physics games

A basic physics game is very easy to create in Stencyl, and is very rewarding as a first game.

If you click on the link below, you'll see that the (currently) third, fourth and fifth entries in the list are examples of how to create Concentration games. The oldest one is a full tutorial. There are other Stencyl game tutorials as well.

Shameless plug alert: My Stencyl book teaches you to create a complete platform game and, along the way, you'll learn loads of useful Stencyl skills. Obviously I can't give an unbiased review! The download version is available now, and the print version should be available in (literally) a few days:

I don't currently have any full game tutorials on my blog, but you may find it useful anyway:

I hope that helps.
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What's really interesting about the Drop 'n' Catch games is that they're functionally identical to Endless Runners. A simple switch to horizontal movement and jumping (if desired) and having two sets of objects (ones to avoid, ones to collect) and you've got Jetpack Joyride.
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Innes: thanks for the suggestions =) I'm also looking forward to getting a hardcopy of your book as I've been following your blog.

Hectate: Exactly my thoughts which is why the 3rd game planned for the workshop is Jetpack Joyride clone =)


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Space Invaders
Whack a Mole
Lights Out