Help with making an "upgrade" game.


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Y'ello! I've been trying to make a game focused on upgrading, akin to games like Burrito Bison. I've got it so amassed money can be spent on a button, so it will upgrade you, and so it will change animation into a more expensive version of the upgrade, and I got that working so that it will cost as much as is stated each time. The problem is that as soon as I leave the upgrading scene and go back to it after a round, the upgrade buttons revert back to their first, cheap animation. PLus, the game even saves after leaving the upgrading scene.
How can I make it so purchased upgrades stay...purchased?


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On button creation, change the animation depending on conditions.


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If I read it right. what you need is to use game attributes. 


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I've been trying to (attributes are fun!!!), still no go. I have it so, basically, each animation change sets a new boolean to true, and the previous to false (e.g. " set 'Animation1?' to false/ set 'Animation 2?' to true "). Upon creation, "If 'Animation2?' =true, switch animation to 'Animation 2'".
Sorry if it's vague, It's hard typing out :P


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It's sort of like the value (correct term? I'm new) of each Boolean resets or something when the scene changes, regardless of saving.


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OK, I solved it. You meant an actual game attribute, not just an attribute in the game, haha woops! I ended up using good ol' numbers, instead of boolean complexity.


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you could use boolians, or range modifiers for instance if kills > 99 and <200 then set animation to 2

That will save you from having 18 boolians if you have a lot of kills coding. I used something like this for an achievement system.

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