Swim [Build 004 - 17/12/12]


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Bitchin' game so far! Glad to see you back, man. :)

About getting stuck on making the death animation... hmmm, kinda sounds like perfectionism to me (which is something I struggle with lots myself). Think it was a perfectionism kinda dealy?


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Thanks NobodyX! Thinking back on it I guess it was perfectionism - for whatever reason I would not be satisfied until the animation looked right. There was never a 'that will have to do moment'.

I feel that I'm a little better at managing this attitude nowadays, and moving on when need be rather than getting caught up and giving up - after all, I can always improve things later. I think this is an important skill to develop, and I guess I have Uni to thank for it (so many 'that will have to do' moments throughout this year haha).

Also, I've fixed the game so that you should be hitting a smooth 50-60 fps in every scene. I've had to cut back on some of the environment, so it may be a little bland - but I'm continuing to find ways to optimise the performance, so bad framerate shouldn't be an issue any more!

Swim b004 v3
Enjoy! Naturally I've made a start on b005 and currently working on that alternate control scheme. It works, but I'll never be completely sold on it having spend so much time using the WASD over the years of development!


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Solid improvements! The game bordered at 60fps in the starting scene for me, and every other scene ran without a hitch. The enemies were also a lot more manageable and enjoyable.