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Title: Unlock
Genre: puzzle
Unlock is a puzzle game where you drag blocks (with mouse) in order to... achieve something. Objective may vary depending on the level, but generally it's something like:
 - moving block to certain position
 - moving block (or even all blocks) away from the map
 - place block at a certain place at least once during playing level (for example, if there are two such places, you can move one particular block to first place, and then to another)
 - and so on... (sometimes it may be combination of previous ones)

Blocks in general can move in all 4 directions, but some of them may be unmovable (and be a wall in fact), or e.g. move only horizontally or vertically (but every single of 16 four-directional movement combinations is possible). Also, there would be fields with different kinds of reactions and conditions for reaction to occur (it's a bit complicated, so I'd better leave it for tutorial ^^').

Here's [LINK] to my WIP file. It doesn't contain much of the features from actual game, but at least this shows that the engine works... somehow. Also, you can press "d" to show the map as the grid of characters - it's made mainly for debug purposes.
Oh, you can try to make shape like the one in attachment. Note that when you cover the field in the middle with single block, the part being on this field is destroyed (though other parts won't became separated because of that, and it's intended).

Any questions?

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Cool! And fun, too! I'll be looking forward to new levels and whatever else you'll be adding.