Actor Visibility Switcher (And more !)


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Actor Visibility Switcher

Resource Type: Behavior
Version: 2.0
Category: Collision
To get it: Simply search StencylForge:Behaviors for the title of the resource
Author: Dubealex
Special Thanks To: Infection, for the basic idea and need for it

Play a demo now
Youtube video

This behavior attach to an actor to allow you to manage its visibility, and if you set your actor right with sensor, you can also manage their passability. You can do a lot of things with this, and there's a lot of attribute you can play with to do almost anything you need. Here's the main features of the behavior:

* Choose amongs 6 different visibility modes
* Make visibility state permanent across scene
* Make visibility alternate between visible and invisible, Cycle Mode
* Choose the time delay you want for the invisible and visible switch
* Choose which sides will trigger a visibility changes
* Sound effects options
* Spawn another actor when it becomes visible and/or visible
* Messaging system to send messages to anything and also change actor attributes

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This is useful behavior and I really like your demonstration game. It lets you play through and has attractive explanations for each feature.

We need more demos like this in Stencyl!


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Thanks !

I'm working on releasing all the behavior I've made, and I've made quiet a few.