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Hey there.
So I'm kind of new to these forums, and I was wondering if anyone wanted to join my "team."
What this is, is I want to get a team of devolopers, sprite creators/artists, and composers to create games.
The first game I'd like to make is a Hunger Games game, as I'm a huge HG fan. This is sort of a request for sprites and music, except I want to make this permanent, meaning after developing this game, we'd still develop together.
EDIT: In case you were wondering, I'll be developing the HG game alongside maybe 1 or 2 other developers. I'd also like 2 or 3 spriters/artists, and a composer to make simple, fitting, and catchy tunes that'll play as YOU play.
Alrighty then, if you're intrested, post here first, and if you want to, PM me, but like I said, POST HERE FIRST!!!
I look forward to working with you!

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You might want to mention a few more details:

1. What your role in the team is
2. What the thematic style of the game is (visual style, audio style)
3. What kind of gameplay (the genre) it is
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i'm interested... i consider myself mostly a spriter, but i'm also getting quite familiar with building logic in stencyl. Also i have a (simple) home studio so i am able to record songs and such
(check out my soundcloud at :

Here you can checkout a small taste of my artwork (it's a game i'm working on solo, still very WIP though ;) )

Though i have to say the basic idea sounds cool , i would recommend not calling it hunger games or anything (copyright infringement) but the general idea has potential.
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hmmm i'm having trubles replying the PM , doesn't show that i sent items ... weird,
just add me on facebook so we can flesh out the basics ;)


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