The Hunger Games


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Well, before I present this idea, lemme say one thing. Please keep in mind that this one thing I'm about to say is NOT advertising another thing. It's simply telling you something. Anyway here it is:
The game I'm about to describe is currently in need of a team, not just one person. So if at anytime you're interested in helping out, just go here:,22863.msg132011.html#new
The game that hopefully me and some other people (possibly YOU) are going to develop is a game based off of The Hunger Games. My idea of this is you control a boy or a girl tribute from the 12 Districts, and 3-5 different terrains for the arena. (They'd be random of course.) There would be four main health bars that determined what health you were in. (Energy, Health, Hunger, and Thirst.) Whenever you collected items like health packs, weapons at the cornucopia, rope, lumber, etc., They'd be added to your inventory. There, you could equip things, combine items (lumber+rope=trap) and use new ones. You could even make weapons!  Each tribute would have special abilities according to their District (4 could fish, 7 could cut trees faster, 9 could grow plants faster, etc.), it would change from night to day often, each night telling you who died that day, as well as a cannon that went off whenever someone died. Finally, You could make alliances with other tributes. If you won, you could share it on Facebook, Twitter, etc., and challenge your friends to get a higher rank.
Which brings me to my next point: Ranks. After your win/loss, you would be ranked. The rank would be determined by a number of things (what level your hunger was at, how many people you killed, your no. of weapons, etc.)
 I can't wait to really begin making this game!

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My idea of this is
sorry but i cant really see your idea here, you just narrated a book/movie setting of a superhit franchisee..


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if your looking to make money with this be careful.  it looks like you could have big problems with copyrights and things like that.  that being said, this would be a game I'll enjoy.  best of luck.


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Yeah, i don't want to make monies, mostly want experience. I will only use things that aren't copyrighted, so i should be a-okay.


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Yeah, i don't want to make monies, mostly want experience.
If you want experience, you should be starting with something much simpler. These types of games can take months for an experienced TEAM to make. You should start with the basics first and get your feet underneath you. :)

I will only use things that aren't copyrighted, so i should be a-okay.
How do you plan to build a game based off the Hunger Games without the Hunger Games part?
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that shouldn't be too hard, don't call the tributes tributes, don't call it the hunger games ;) there's is no copyright on the concept of a game where a player has to fight other players to win and collect resources, then it would basicly be a survival game


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Just don't call it The Hamger Games and turn the protagonist into a pig, or my team of ruthless lawyers will have you tied up in legal disputes for YEARS. ;)
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