Block Stock


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Hi everyone,

My multiplayer iPad game Block Stock will be launched next week. Today is the day I start encouraging people to play it, including of course the wonderful Stencyl community who helped me create it!

The website for the game is:

Feels good to be launching my first game & scary to be telling people about it. Moving forwards!


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Oh wow, 2 player at same time :) This looks like a solid concept, hope it does well for you :)
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hey! local multiplayer ipad game! nice!


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haha! Love the trailer!


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Thanks guys!  :D I'm starting work on a single-player version for smaller screens. I'll be rebuilding it from scratch in 3.0 

My favourite games on iPad are local multiplayer so I figured I'd go with what I enjoy. Thanks for the positive responses.


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Thanks again guys! The game is released today if you'd like a go! :D