Post Your Desktop!


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Interesting. How did you get a screenshot of it?


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Pressing the home and sleep/wake button at the same time.


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It's probably about time I got/made a new desktop :/


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It was Ganon indeed.  :P
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This is my current desktop.


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Changed my wallpaper after...about 8 months?

Started playing Ocarina of Time Master Quest today, so...


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My desktop is a world of semi-organised clutter and despair.


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*is too lazy to take a screenshot of his current desktop, so he uses the one from Windows XP and pastes it anyways just to show everyone how obsessed he is with this anime*

EDIT: ...How do you shrink the image anyways? >_>

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Got the background from They got some cool FBI/CIA type backgrounds. Welcome to all the new comers!
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BellGoRiiing, instead of uploading it as an image file in Photobucket or something, when posting, click on the v button "Attachments and other options", and attach an image from your computer =) .

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The artist is Che Che


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Desktop and iTouch


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Can't be bothered taking a screenshot of my desktop, so here's the wallpaper on it's own:

Gotta love Axe Cop.


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Here it is :)
Still using good old Windows XP
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