Stencyl Book color images available to download


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If you have purchased the print version of the book, you will have noticed that the all the images are black and white. Whilst all the images are legible, if you have impaired vision (or just have ageing eyes like mine) or, if you just prefer larger color images, you might like to see the graphics in their original, technicolor glory!

Packt Publishing have compiled all the images into a single PDF file, organized by chapter number, and have made the file available at the following link:

Please note that the above link is a direct download so, depending on your browser configuration, the PDF will either display in your browser or start to download. If it is displaying in your browser, and you don't want it to, then right-click the link and select Save link as... (or similar option, depending on your browser).

Just in case you're wondering, the decision to print in black and white is simply based on the price of printing color, which is prohibitively expensive for this type of book.
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