Need more information about the Stencyl Book? (including a free chapter)


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Parting with money is always a difficult decision (at least, it is for me), so before I buy a book, I like to know that it has been well-written and contains the information that I need to know.

As the author, I'm not in a position to offer an unbiased opinion (it really is an excellent book!), so perhaps the best way to find out if this is the right book for you, is to see a sample chapter so you can decide for yourself.

The book's dedicated 'micro site', contains a detailed breakdown of the contents of the book, along with a link to a complete chapter from the book, in PDF format, to download for free. The sample chapter isn't the usual 'introduction that doesn't contain any useful information' - it is the complete Chapter 8 that teaches you how to create and implement a dedicated sound behavior that can be used in any Stencyl game.

If you have any specific pre-purchase questions, feel free to ask them here.
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