Animations not changing in air when they used too?,


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game wont change animations in air(Jumping) and when it attacks right only, left works I am using a animation manger with jumping at top of list but still not able to get a jumping animation to happen instead it relays to the main stance/idler in mid air which just doesn't look right. 

i had this all working but now it doesn't work even if i rebuild the game from a blank game like it was all working last night then I close went out came back to build levels and loaded the game got corrupt/refer to forum"ERROR" so I decide to rebuild game from ground up and still wont change animations in air(Jumping) and when it attacks right only,

I have tried several different things and read a lot but stuff that I mostly already knew dose any one have anything on this occurring because its happening to me and ruined like 5 of my Games that i worked long and hard over 6month period so I would love to find out why this is happening,

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The best option is to gut any premades you have (such as "Animation Manager") and remake them yourself. Then, you can debug much more readily. I've helped some who rely on premades... and it's just a mess. There is no way we can help you without at least access to the code itself (and likely a good deal of time to look over it and search for the bugs).
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