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Okay. So I said I cancelled the game, but it seems like I managed to fix the crashing issues I was having. Maybe I resume this build of Tiny Guns after all.

Folks, do me a favor and try playing through both levels of the game and tell me what do you think of the current build: http://www.stencyl.com/game/play/20094

I am mostly curious about how the difficulty level is, are the bosses too hard, should enemy HP be lowered. I am kind of liking the one weapon system the game has currently but I am wondering if there should be more weapons or different types of shots? I might return the dynamite throwing when I figure out how I could activate it on mobile without filling the screen with buttons.

Any feedback, all suggestions welcome.


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Cancel the game?????

It's too damn good for you to cancel it.

If you do, please do let me know!!
I am willing even to buy the source from you if you give it up.

Send me a message if you do think about canceling!!

Hope not!

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It is alright so far, it just isn't really imparting any real fun factor to me. This may be because it is a bit tedious especially when trying to deal with enemies who are a level above me. The jump time and height feels a bit strange so waiting between enemies fire to jump up and trying to hit them halfway up the jump is kind of tedious.

Things that could be changed:

Firstly, I would make the game over screen appear faster, having to wait 3 seconds for the game to transition to the game over screen, and then waiting two more seconds for the buttons to appear is rather frustrating.

I think I personally would enjoy it much more with having an upgrade system, more guns, and gaining gold from defeating enemies. But I suppose that is your choice.

I can't really give any advice on how to make controls better, because I typically don't like having z and x for shooting and jumping, though I know that is a rather popular control scheme. I would prefer if it had mouse aiming and I think think it would take away some of the awkwardness of the controls. But once again, I want to state that I just have an initial dislike for zx controls, so most other players might prefer your setup and I'm sure you have a reason for having it setup this way anyway.

I like the general style and mood the art and music conveys though.
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