Critique - First Sprite Attempt


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Oh hai there!

I'm working on my first game in Stencyl. It just so happens that this is my first sprite animation! I would love some feedback on what I can do better or how to improve on this little guy (his name is Ned because I watch too much Game of Thrones.) Essentially, I am going for a side-scrolling platform RPG in the Zelda II/Cave Story motif and I want all the playable characters to have a more minimalistic style, because let's face it, I can't draw/shade very well.

Ned: he is very tiny (32x32)

I created a sprite template of some sort and am having trouble making the walk cycle look complete.

I know that the sprite is very small (thanks Pickle for making sprite creating confusing) and I want to make him 64x64. Any advice on how to make my sprite base larger without having to redo the whole thing?

Thanks in advance~!


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Very good for a first attempt!

I think the size is good, 64x64 is a bit too big and can get hard to detail.

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I like it^_^ the legs look funny when they're going 'inwards' if you understand what i mean, because they're sort of curved and remind me of spongebob, but you don't notice it while it's animated.


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Thanks for the feedback!

I spent some time this evening revising and tweaking Ned's walk cycle. I am rather proud of how this came out.

Doubled the amount of frames for Ned, but I kept the frame rate the same.

I think this looks a lot smoother. Since I needed the sprite 64x64, I decided to just redo everything. Now the legs don't clap in and out, which bothered me as well. No coloring/shading this go around since I wanna focus on the animation.

@Fillergames: Why would it be difficult with 64x64 sprites? It would be so much easier for me to use 32x32 since that was my original plan. But when using this program, my hero was waaaaay too small.

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I like that a lot!
If the sprite is too small, you could go for a really chunky pixel look and size all the graphics up by 2 or 4 or something. Don't let the computer do any antialising on it mind - make sure you have it set to nearest neighbour when resizing:)


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Ned is very cute and i love the good art :)

As for the walk cycle maybe you should make 6 Pics and then repeat it, 4 seems a little low and if you want it to look detailed i would recommend that :)
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