Kongregate Sponsorship


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Chaosoul, I heard that maxgames did that. However, the way I know that mofunzone has tried stealing rights is from Pseudolonewolfs comment on his games, I think it was raider 1 or raider 2. Yes, it was off topic, but I was just trying to warn him. Age of War 1 + 2 was good though.
Ahh I'm sorry I was in a hurry and saw a M and assumed they were the same lol.
i have already submitted to flashgamelicense and now waiting for approval

EDIT: The game is now approved and as 7/10 rating?

Is that good?
Can i get a sponsor with that?
I believe so 7/10 is pretty good its roughly 3.5/5 so thats good you can probly get one just wait for kongregate if no sponsor try armorgames