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I'm looking for some help on saving and loading scenes. My game has around 15 levels, I would like the user to be able to get to a level like 7 or 8 and then be able to quit the game, when they come back they can hit continue and it will take them to the level they left on.

I got scene saving from stencyl forge but don't understand how to use it.



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Without seeing the behavior, its hard to know what the problem is.

At any rate, you could save the current level in a Game Attribute. Then when the player hits continue, you can take them to the saved level.
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I think you can store a list as a game attribute.  So, adding a scene (add scenename to list) to a list and saving it will work.  Before adding something to that list, empty it.  Also, make the default value of the list your first level.

Save data may become corrupt if you change the scene names though...


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What I did for my save/load behavior was keep track of scene name using the "Scene Name" block, worked like a charm for me.
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Thanks for the help everyone,

I went with the game attributes, it's working nicely.