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I previously made a post and people were confused as to what exactly I meant, so i remade this post to allow everyone to understand this will be a paid project. We are both indie programmers and will prefer a profit-share or royalty based deal as that will better suit our needs. We were planning on doing something along the lines of a 10% over 1000 dollars type of deal. Where the artist is guaranteed $1000 dollars unless 10% of the games profits, exceeds $1000, which the the artist would receive the percentage of the profits for as long as the game is making money. Any artist that would like to talk about a one time payment deal or a pay per/hour type of deal we are open to that as well. We will not turn down an artist because he/she is not interested in a profit-share, we both agreed if the artwork is good enough, we will do as whatever we need to get the artist on our team.

My partner and I are currently working on a Indie 2D Platform game for the Android, coded and animated in Java and the story's about 4 different dragons and there journey throughout their world. Although me and my partner are very knowledgeable with java and the coding part of this project, we are not the most artistic people. If you were interested in making some sprites and having them used in a game that me and my friend/partner are planning to have coded and ready to be pushed onto the android market by Christmas time, please contact me back. If you want to be able to get your name out there more and have your art on peoples phones around the country, maybe we could make that happen.

The project is still in the first stages of development and we are using test images now just for testing purposes but will need our own images in the near future in order to make the game public. If the art is well done and the price is not unreasonable, hopefully we can come to an agreement and do business.

You can either message me on this site or send us an email at indiegames22@yahoo.com

Thanks and have a wonderful day!