Is there a 3D game program that can stand up to Stencyl?


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Is there a 3D game making program that is similar to the simplicity of use as Stencyl is for 2D games?


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I dont think so, unity?


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Unity with ProBuilder and PlayMaker.


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Unity comes with a free license (even for iOS/Android export) if you can live with the unity splash screen and are not making >100.000$ per year with your games. PlayMaker does cost ~35€.

When you combine PlayMaker with 2D Toolkit, you can also conveniently create 2D games while keeping the Unity workflow.
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Unity is pretty gosh darn simple if you are willing to take the time to learn C#.

EDIT: I didn't know about PlayMaker. It is now even easier.


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That play-maker stuff looks pretty helpful. I've often thought about learning Unity in the future, after using Stencyl for some of the 2d stuff I'm so thrilled to be using it for. It now looks like that future augmentation of my game making options (for 3d) will be a bit easier than previously thought.

I don't know about you guys, but sometimes I get really excited about what Stencyl, and I'm sure some things like it, open up for us.