CastleVania Eternity End Chapter 1 (New Stage, New enemies, Boss End Chapter 1)


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ah. ok. i'll check it later. and try to fix that problem.
thanks for the help :)


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You have created a good platformer.
But dont you think about creating an original story?

Why Castlevania? Ok, its a solid and good game from Konami. But why not creating a story of your own?
Maybe it would even attract more players, as some players tend to avoid "clones".
he gameplay itself need some fixes (as the jump bug). But besides that, its a solid platformer you are creating there.

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because i like castlevania games. and  i can easy to get castlevania tiles rsource.
beside then im try to training my behaviour skill to make many action. sytem. and enemy ai system. thats why i dont make my art.
i just wanna try an train my behaviour skill
after finish this game maybe ill try to make my original game :)

yap. i will fix that bug.
thanks for your feedback ;D

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It's always nice to see Shanoa again, I like it, but there seems to be a glitch with climbing stairs in that it slides you right back down.  You may also want to consider the second press of the jump button while being in the air to do the ground pound or perhaps pressing down while airborne.


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hi ozz :)

glad you like my game, yeah shanoa is back.
i realy love shanoa. the best female from castlevania so thats why i made it.

1. stairs: ahaha yeah. when you climb it you will slide down. you must do jump. dont climb the stairs XD

2. i do that. when you press jump button (Z) hold V to ground pound. you can break the red floor to get the key with that action :)
im working to make new level for thisgame. i hope it will be finish soon. ill update in here :)

thanks for you feedback :)


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CastleVania Eternity Update (BUG FIXED + NEW STAGE 2 demo) !!!

New Enemies !!, New sound !!, New Stage !! and Bug Fixed!!

i"ll update again when i'm fnish 2nd stage and update again for 3rd stage  ;)

i Need your rate and your feedback~ thanks :)


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* when you press C(fire) it fires and the char remain in that position.
* press down and jump. it stays in the crouch position and it looks ugly.


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George :
1. yeah ive problem for that animation. i'll try to fix that later.
2. thats not probelm, i think its fine :D

Thanks for your feedback


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I still like it, really getting there.  Just my two cents but the sprites are a bit small, you might to go to a 2x scale.  Also the game speed feels a bit faster paced than a Castlevania game, dialing back the speed might make the controls feel smoother.


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ozz :
glad you like it.
i see. next update (maybe tommrow) i'll  change to 2x scale :)

thanks for play and your feedback ozz. X)


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Castlevania Eternity Update!! (12 Agust 2013)

New Stage,New Enemies, Boss end chapter 1

Give your rate & feedback to the next chapter. ^^

Information !!
- Weapon Range Reduce to increase difficulty

Hint to defeat
Boss :
- Timing for attack and keep your distance
- Hp 15

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