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Any chance of telling us how to release the grapple?  ???


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I think he's talking about how to get unstuck when the grapple fires, and releasing space doesn't do anything.  I got stuck a few minutes in.


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Fun concept, definitely expand on this.
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This maybe just me, but I found the controls and movement quite awkward, to the point after a few minutes trying to play/test this, I gave up.

I think its because you can rotate with the arrows, jump, but use the grapple too depending on the direction your facing - my fingers/brain struggled to deal with that combination. I kept wanting to use the keys to move/jump, but use the mouse to point where I wanted to grapple and use say, mouse button to control that.
But currently I just kept tripping over myself lol trying to jump and rotate myself to grapple up to a good point, I would keep falling or hitting a wall/the terrain.

As I say, it may well be just me but I found it too fiddly for my liking - although I can see its potential and certainly worth doing more with it.


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Made this prototype a couple weeks ago:

have fun :)

Wow - is that all in Stencyl?!?! I love Spiderman type games. A little tough to get used to the controls but cool idea!

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You should put it on Stencyl Forge.  :)
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I know that's just a rough demo, but its insanely cool.



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Very cool, if you develop the game I think you should try using the mouse to target the hook.


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Fun. I'd love to see how this fleshes out. (Plus I think the controls are the right direction. Don't use a mouse.)
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This is great, I agree with the person above about mouse click controlling the grapple hook for controls


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this is a great concept, nice !
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Im sorry greg I asked you before but forgot your answer and couldnt find it, how exactly did you do the level art and collision (ceiling and ground). Is it one long drawing and you use terrain?


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it's fun, but not very accessible. maybe using the mouse for aiming/hookshoting would simplify it.