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Hi, My name is James.

     I've had a long desire in making my own game for some time now. For awhile I've been organizing ideas and art for a game I would like to put together. I enjoy the Art side of game development very much, like creating characters, enemy's, terrain, menus, animation, etc. But do not have any exp with coding at all. I've been trying to understand it through the web but cant really get any tutorials on how the basics work, only tutorials on how to do code for certain events. I've tried MMF2 and Stencyl. I find MMF2 to be easier to learn but I'm noticing how Stencyl is better for certian commands i want to put in. I'm very new to this whole game developing thing. I also tried 3D unity but, well... That was a shit show and way over my head. That's why i switched to a 2D platform base engine.

     My idea is to make a RPG game at first. To help me learn about game development, and how the process works. That is why I am asking for someone to help me with creating a RPG game in Stencyl. Was wondering if there is someone out there that has code exp in Stencyl to help me put my game together. I noticed how friendly and helpfull people are here and it makes asking this easier. I have the ideas and the ability to make the graphics and animation for them and looking for someone to help me code it and work together as a team for this goal. I know it is asking for a lot, but you never know unless you try. Even maybe i could pay someone for this code i need for my game too. I would like to use skype, if i do find someone to help me with this. If this litlle game works out i would love to move to the next step.

     Now, about my game. I won't go to much into detail but just an over all.

     It will be a robot RPG. top view with mouse aimed shooting,melee, and abilities. 1 player for now and have multi levels (scenes.) Basically run around and killing things in a creative way and making sure abilities are used in the most effective way. Will be mazes, keys, items to collect, etc. I do not have much exp in 2D graphics for character animation, so everything will be done in a 3D program and converted to 2D (I know how to do this and have started to converting already.)

     There is a lot more to the game, and would love the experience of sharing this with someone and helping each other as a team to accomplish a goal and over come problems together and an over all experience of learning to make a good game. And yes, the title is still in development.  :)

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Start with a platform game first. Thats the easies way to learn it. At least in my experience
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I would just like to give you a tip, if you are asking for someone to help you and have akready started 3d to 2d image conversion, why not show a picture to verify your skill level?

It would certainly pull people who are on the edge to inquire further, well if it is good it would. :P