The Archaic Maze - Demo Posted!


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Greetings members of Stencyl. I am making a new game (and my only)! It is called the Archaic Maze! The object of the game is to get the key to the door, and escape the whopping 100-Floor Dungeon! I have completed the menu, controls, and 20 of the rooms so far. However, due to internet problems, I can't post a demo right now. :(

Never mind! I can post a build! Huzzah! :D
Also, I've added some other stuff, such as a 2-Player game (beware: it can get VERY laggy), and other rooms. Have fun!
Also, I have devious enemies called Chompers! They are not in the demo, however. :(

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hi welcome to the stencyl forum. :)

can i give suggestion?
i think its better to making 4 side way game. like rpg game. or for spesific you can see tower of druaga.
thats classical game. but i think is fun.
story about knight want climb to the top of druaga tower.
inside the tower there are many trap and monster.
player as knight have a shield to block few trap like arrow. but the shield is temporary. :)

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