¡Los Muertos!


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Little Demon has just made a deal with the devil. If he can escape each of the 9 levels of Hell, (+ SPECIAL PURGATORY BONUS ROUND) he can return to the living world.

This game will play sort of like a Megaman game. Each level will have a different base color/environment/enemies based on its corresponding level of Hell. This mock screenshot would most likely be level 4.

Little Demon, why do you stay here?


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Those graphics rock. This has some huge potential. I can't wait to see what develops!


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I'm liking the graphics and concept. Good luck with this!


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Thanks, guys! Super glad you like it so far!

I'm super new at this & I'm figuring it out as I go along, so I'm taking babysteps & it's looking pretty skeletal.

^ Level 1: Limbo. I figure that Limbo won't have any serious enemies. It'll be a lil baby tutorial level with some practice stuff and dialogue to help the player get accustomed to the game. It'll be pretty short so it's not boring. Clear & concise. You dig?

Level 2: Home to the lustful. Dark and stormy with heavy, stylized clouds, and lightning. It's raining, but the rain is either red for contrast, or purple to keep with the blues. Deep blue is the main color for this level. Maybe some shifting wind obstacles. Birds and bats will appear as enemies, but the smartest course of action will be to avoid them, though they can be attacked. There will be some ground-based enemies, too. Maybe some simple skeletons, etc. [No Boss.]

Level 3: Home to the gluttons. Similar scenery to Level 2 as far as the weather is concerned. Acid rain and a filthy environment. The main color here is a brownish-orange. The rain is yellow. Rats, giant insencts, and spiders will be some of the enemies in this level. [Boss: Cerberus.]

Level 4: Home to the greedy. Similar in appearance to the mock screenshot in the first post. Green is the main color, and the sky glitters like gold. Suited politician-like figures run at you as enemies in this level, as well as other, yet-to-be-decided creatures. [Boss: Plutus.]

Level 5: Home to the wrathful and gloomy. The main color here is a pinkish-purple. Angry, violent, mutated humanoid beings are your main enemies here, as well as some gloomy mud-people. Jump over the mud puddles to avoid them, etc., because they'll come up out of them in a goopy fashion. [Boss: No Boss.]

Level 6: The City of Dis. Home to the Heretics. Silvery gray is the main color here. The environment gives a dirty metallic feeling, and there are some silvery firetraps that must be avoided. Perhaps there will be some heat-seeking missiles to avoid, and some robotic snakes. (More enemies to come-- this kind of applies to every level.) [Boss: Eternal Fury.]

Level 7: Home of the assassins, tyrants, war-mongers, and suicides, and blasphemers. The main color here is red. There will be flaming arrow-traps, cannonballs, etc. to avoid in this level, and there will be a portion in a miniature forest, where you'll see humanoid figures hanging from the trees. They'll probably be some kind of enemy or trap. Not sure yet. [Boss: The Minotaur.]

Level 8: The Malebolge. Home to the fraudulent, malicious, seducers, pimps, magicians, thieves, and fortune tellers. The main color is an almost purple indigo. Enemies here include humanoid figures in top hats with magic wands (almost like a magikoopa.), crystal ball monsters, and some pimps with pimp canes, of course. The environment will be sparkly with gems and stars. [Boss: No Boss.]

LEVEL 9: COCYTUS. Home to the traitors. The main color here is an icy blue, as the whole level is covered with a seemingly impossible mixture of ice and fire. Frozen, zombie-like humanoid figures are among the enemies encountered here, as well as a MINIBOSS: Judas. [Boss: SATAN. DUN DUN DUNNN.]

Bonus Level: Purgatory. Not quite sure what this will be yet, but it won't affect the rest of the game. It'll most likely be some kind of little credits minigame.

Also check out this fine loading screen.

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Nice artwork. Expect the game soon.


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So you're using the demon sprite here... :D saw your art thread.

Only problem is that the loading screen thing kinda doesn't fit with the style of the rest of the game, but that can be easily fixed.

Looking awesome so far, keep up the good work! Looking forward to the game.