Should I be continuing with this game?

No. It was the most boring, stupid, horrid game ever. My eyes still burn. 0/5
Eh, don't waste your time. It wasn't very fun. 1/5
Depends whether-or-not you want too. 2.5/5
Yeah, it was pretty cool, and additions would make it even better! 4/5
Totally. I really want to play some more levels with new features. 5/5

1 Hour Game Jam

lava flame2

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Hey guys! I haven't made a game in a long time, and I just won a little contest with a friend. We had to make the best game possible in under one hour. Here is the game that I was able to make within the time limit


I would *really* appreciate it if some of you were to vote accordingly, and give some constructive feedback as well :D



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The way the levels are designed make it so I have long expanses where I am doing nothing.

EDIT: Your rating system is ridiculous.


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I couldn't get passed the level with the key...touching the blue part doesn't seem to do anything.  ::)

I picked option 3, it's pretty good for the time frame it was created in. I say add a bit to it and see if goes well.

lava flame2

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I'm still a stencyl noob :D there are only 3 levels :C

But thanks for the comment, that's what i'm gonna do

Warzone Gamez

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i like the game. i think if you keep working on this game it could be a REALLY good games.

heres some suggestions.
more levels
change the menu
and some power-ups would be cool.

keep working hard ;)
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