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After getting the diamond on level 4 I can't get back up with 3 blocks, am I missing a crucial mechanic?

EDIT: Okay, I just saw the youtube video and the guy can hold onto the vines. I thought they were lethal or eye candy.  :o

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Yeah most vines you can jump up and climb along. I put them as the very first thing you do on level 1 just to try and show you can do the swinging thing!

Im sure as time goes on ill see (and be told) more and more things i could or should have done, or things that didn't work out as well. But I was pleased with it for the most part. Sponsored for a very small amount though, for the prolonged amount of time it took - probably my own fault for putting it up for bidding at the poorest time of the year.


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great work man,

i saw the note on your profile, are you retiring from making games or moving else where?

thanks for all the help you have given me during my time here, hope all is well.

I think my problem is ive spent that much spare time doing these things, that I maybe need a break or something. The money/sponsorship side of it doesn't bother me too much - but ive been pleased ive had 5 sponsored in the last 10 months, even if for small amounts.

I don't think ill retire from it, just take a break. I already have 2 new ideas to play with and one game i already started (but not sure about it). I have pondered and also looked at, other tools, but I dunno really. Shall just see what happens! :)