Free drawing software that is better than MS paint?


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I just want to know.

I haven't done graphics in awhile, and MS paint is becoming primitive. 


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Inkscape (vector)
Visit - the only published book for learning Stencyl.


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GraphicsGale Free Edition (Pixel Art)


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If you're using a Mac, I recommend Paintbrush ( It can save files in PNG format, suitable for Stencyl.


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I don't know if I've ever heard of a non-vector graphics software that couldn't save as .png


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I've been using PencilPixelFormer as a compliment to Pencyl. I suggest checking out all the tools listed on Ludum Dare.

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I wouldn't suggest trying vectors (at least now).  Stencyl needs bitmaps, and it is a completely different style than pixel art.  It's also a much different process that's fairly difficult.

Find something with a "recolor pen" that replaces a selected color with a new selected color.  It's the biggest step up for making sprites.


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Firstly, let me tell this; if you cannot create good pixel art with MSPaint, at least the Windows 7 version (the one I use), no matter of fancy graphics software will make it better, what makes it better. Other programs are for increased workflow and animating