How do I develop dialog scene?


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Hello. I have 4 scenes with roughly 10 dialog messages to be shown on each scene.

But each message should be shown one after the other like in a dialog. You press a button and the next message appears on screen.

I used "when drawing" behaviour on the current scene to draw the currentStoryMessage value which is a value taken form the list of StoryMessages where I store all story messages.

I added on click event on the button  but when I press it doesn't redraw the new value from currentStoryMessage. What do I do wrong?


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Here are some suggestions:
  • I am assuming that your game messages are stored as lists within the game itself.
  • Try checking to see whether the mouse is pressed on an actor, such as a "next screen" button. If it is, then display the next message.
  • Try clearing the message field (i.e., redrawing the background over the old text) before each message is displayed.

I don't know enough about Stencyl to be of any more help.


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You are currently setting the game attribute with the value of the game attribute you want, not the actual attribute, just type in the box as text the name of the game attribute.