Looking for members to get site going.


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If you are making games and you love to play to. I would like to ask you if you want to become a member of my site. In exchange i can put one of your games on the front page of the website. All i ask in return is to come to my site from time to time and play a game or so or leave a message from time to time.

I have about 500 pageviews a day. So your game will definatly be played every single day.

Thank you for your attention :D

Oh almost forgot the site url http://nicebiggames.com

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How many of these games are Stencyl made?  Looking on the front page, I recognize some games from Kongregate that weren't made with Stencyl.


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That's because not a single member of the stencyl community has joined my site.... :'(


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Fotogeluid, I'm sure they (we...?) would join if your site didn't look like a clone of an earlier NG or Mochi, but it's pretty clean right now.

Can I make a request for your site layout that no one does yet and it would be kind of a killer app for you? Make the entire design completely eliminate scrollbars except for in the div the immediate content is in and make that borderless all the way to the very edges of the browser window. This way flash developers could implement the mouse scrollwheel in game and players could trust that to work well on your site. It would be a good inbetween regular webpage content and fullscreen.

By the way, I'm joining your site because you mention stencyl, scratch and...what is sploder? Thanks.


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Hey thanks for joining. If you have a game ready post it in the forum so i can put it on the front page. You can have mochi or other advertising on it.