[Job] [LFA]rtist Specializing in Pixel Art for Zombie Survival Game [Rev Share]


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Greetings. I'm currently looking for an artist who specializes in pixel art for one of my studios upcoming games. We're located in ~~sunny~~ not-so-sunny Seattle, Washington but this position is open to telecommuters as well, as we can just as easily use Skype or something similar.

The Game

Without giving too much away pre-NDA... *3 Days* is a zombie survival game in which the players first choice is choosing your character from a large cast of historic figures, political figures, current and past celebrities, athletes, musicians, etc. You're tasked with finding the cure to the zombie outbreak as you only have 3 days to cure yourself before you turn infected. Each character has realistic
attributes based on their real life skill set. For example, Abraham Lincoln would easily be able to recruit other surveyors to his side due to his extremely high leadership attribute. If you were to play as Paris Hilton you'd have a pretty tough game ahead of you as she's virtually worthless, just like in real life.

This isn't your typical zombie game. When you die, it's not game over, it's time to play as the zombie. The world completely changes based on your new found perspective as a brain-hungry zombie. The same people you've friended have now become food! Will you feast on your friends, or perhaps find a quick cure that'll buy you more time to rejoin the living? This game is all about choices that change your game.

The maps are randomly generated so no two games will ever be the same. Each game starts fresh and exploration and discovery should be your first priority.

The Job
I'm looking for an artist who is a self-starting, creative, deadline-making pixel beast in his field. The ability to create animations using Spine (or similar) animation software is a great asset to have, as is making sprite sheets with said art.

For bonus points, applicants could have a strong interest in zombie games, movies, television shows, etc. Applicant could also be well versed in programming logic and/or familiar with Stencyl.

The Pay

We run a straight forward revenue share model. We've been running said model since we started our company in January and have zero disputes or issues with payment.

All NDA's and Revenue Share documents are signed pre-project so there's never that awkward feeling that there's a chance you won't get paid.

The Company

Depressed Panda Studios is an indie game studio based in Seattle, WA started January of 2013. Our Founder and Creative Director has been in the game industry for 15+ years getting his start at Nokia as the Public Relations coordinator for the Nokia NGage... yes... seriously. They say you learn more from failure than success and this just proves that. He then went on to start Fraggs Magazine that was a monthly print publication sold in 42 states across the United States. After a rebranding to Xbox Weekly (which also includes being the first gaming digital magazine on the tablet devices), he sold the business to a competitor so he could finally achieve his childhood dream of starting his own game development studio.
Our goal is to run a different type of company. One built on good core values where our employees are #1 instead of the game industry standard of being a code monkeys that works insane hours, work 7 days a week, and then immediately laid off following the games release. We want long-term employees who want to enjoy coming to work every day and then go home at the end of the day spend time with the family or Xbox without worrying about the stresses of employment.

Right now our company roster consists of six bodies. We split into two-man/woman teams (artist + programmer) for each studio greenlighted projects. We prefer to keep the teams small for a few reasons. Revenue split is much better when you have a two-man team as opposed to splitting $1 game 9 ways. In addition, teams work faster and more efficiently when smaller.

So, interested? Let's make something great together! PM me with any questions and/or an email address so we can get this train started.