Looking for artist


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Looking for somebody to draw some stuff for me
1 boat, 1 helicopter, 1 fighter airplane,1 enemy boat, bullets, explosion + nice front screen.

I can pay a part in advance as sign of trust.

Name your price and show what you can do.

Thank you

More details added:
Boat, helicopter, fighter airplane and enemy boat are all top view drawings. I can give you more details if you are interested. Can provide child drawings to illustrate what we want exactly.....

 :D those child drawings would be drawn by me....good laugh garanteed :D

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Hey are you still looking for those assets to be made?

http://www.yannih.com/video/ some animation stuff I've done

http://www.yannih.com/games/ some game stuff I've done. The balloon game and the shooter game are made in stencyl:)